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About this publication

To achieve in their higher education studies students have to develop excellent research and writing skills. Without these skills it is unlikely that students will achieve the levels required to move beyond undergraduate studies.   The South African edition of Assignment & Thesis Writing is destined to become a classic, as its Australian predecessor, with students in higher education. The book has now been adapted with local examples to ensure relevance for students in South African institutions.


Part 1 Assignments and theses at the tertiary level
Chapter 1 Writing at the tertiary level
Chapter 2 Planning the assignment
Chapter 3 Planning the thesis
Chapter 4 Scholarly writing: A case study
Chapter 5 Computer tools for writing and publishing
Chapter 6 The computer as an information tool
Part 2 Writing the assignment or thesis
Chapter 7 Common features of editorial style
Chapter 8 The general format
Chapter 9 Page and chapter format
Chapter 10 The use of quotations
Chapter 11 Footnotes
Chapter 12 Tables and figures
Chapter 13 Referencing
Chapter 14 Appendices
Part 3 Revising the assignment or thesis
Chapter 15 Editing and evaluating the final product
Appendix A: Additional resources for writers
Appendix B: Abbreviations commonly used in scholarly writing

Interest / Benefit to

This text is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students in South African institutions, who wish to further develop their writing and research skills.