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Tools to help solve teaching and learning challenges

  • A focus on building students’ management skills via How to Deal with a Charge of Discrimination, How to Write a Job Description, How to Interview Job Candidates, and How to Discipline an Employee activities, ensures they’ll be well-equipped to perform their daily management responsibilities.
  • New - Strategic Context features in chapter openers show how actual HR managers adjusted their actions to achieve company goals, relating new skills and technologies to the real world.
  • A fully integrated “Hotel Paris” Strategy Case and Map provide the most comprehensive coverage of strategic human resource management in any HR survey text. The continuing case helps students connect with the material by showing how a hotel company’s HR director creates policies and procedures that improve employee morale, and therefore its services, to achieve business goals. The map helps students understand the hotel’s decisions step by step.
  • New and Updated -7 new End-of-Chapter Cases, featuring real-life companies such as Starbucks, Tesla, Tektronix, Uber, HubSpot, Vice Media, and a meatpacking firm, relate chapter concepts to real settings -- making the material relevant to students. Most of the other chapters’ application cases were also updated.
  • An Employee Engagement Guide for Managers demonstrates how real managers use human resource activities to improve employee engagement.  
  • New - Building Employee Engagement further integrates the chapter’s topics and makes the book more coherent.


Engaging pedagogical features that introduce new trends in the field of HR

  • Updated - Trends Shaping HR connects students with emerging technologies, social media sources, and sciences that help HR departments vet and pursue new talent, align company and employee goals, and more.
  • New - HR in Action and the Gig Economy show how companies are managing gig workers’ HR needs (e.g., how to recruit, screen, train, appraise, and manage the safety of gig workers).
  • Updated - New material has been embedded in chapter topics, practical examples, and research insights, all accompanied by hundreds of new endnotes from 2015—2018.
  • Know Your Employment Law boxes list the practical implications of employment law that apply to chapter topics, such as those related to recruitment, selection, training, and safety.
  • Diversity Counts provide tips and insights for managing a diverse workforce, dealing with issues such as gender bias in selection decisions, performance appraisals, and bonus plans.


Management tools and practices HR managers use to improve performance

Accompanying questions test students’ knowledge and are also available in MyLab Management.

  • Improving Performance: HR as a Profit Center show how HR departments increase performance by reducing costs and boosting revenues.
  • Improving Performance: HR Tools for Line Managers and Small Businesses describe specific tools that line managers and entrepreneurs can use when implementing HR tactics.
  • Updated - Improving Performance: Managing HR Around the Globe takes a global look at HR management, exploring the different tools used and challenges faced in departments around the world.
  • Improving HR through HRIS demonstrates how HR leaders use technology to improve performance.


MyLab™ Management is not included. Students, if Pearson MyLab Management is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN. Pearson MyLab Management should only be purchase


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