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KRM 702 / KRM702

This is the extraordinary story of a man who led one of the biggest prison exposés in the world. Four prisoners risked their lives to catch wardens on film supplying drugs and alcohol, pimping young inmates to older prisoners, and even giving prisoners a loaded pistol to use in an escape. The man behind the exposé, however, a hardened prison gangster, was possibly the least likely to have ever wanted to do it. He ruled prison, and knows its secret anatomy. Though he is well known for his inspirational talks, his story and the shocking facts of prison life, are told now, in bald truth, for the first time. Take a journey with a man who was ready to leave jail and continue his life of irrepressible crime when he saw something so jarring and horrific, that even someone who had seen as much as he had, and who was barely capable of caring anymore, was changed. By turns shocking, poetic, hilarious, insightful and heartbreaking, this is the compelling account of someone who represents personal change and the inspiring changes that have occurred during his lifetime in his country. Make a choice to read it and be inspired.