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In the global south, and South Africa in particular, the increasing demographic, economic and political weight of this part of the world is calling for the development of research capacity, which has so far been lacking, to guide society in making informed choices that suit and enhance the African culture and context. Fundamentals of research in Humanities, Social Sciences and Science Education follows all the steps of the research endeavour, from the selection and formulation of a research problem, to the writing or reporting, to the publication of research results.


Fundamentals of research in Humanities, Social Sciences and Science Education is informed by practical experience. It is easy to read and understand, is context based and interactive, and can be used for self-study.


Contents include, among others, the following:

  • Identification and selection of a research topic
  • Dynamics of a good research problem statement
  • Designing the main and the sub-research questions
  • The essence of the literature review
  • Research designs: meaning, rationales and types
  • The research study site
  • Target population, samples and sample selection
  • Data collection procedures
  • Data analysis and interpretation procedures
  • Ethical issues in humanities, social sciences and science education
  • Presentation of research results
  • Writing a good conclusion to a study
  • Avoiding plagiarism and writing good references in research


Fundamentals of research in Humanities, Social Sciences and Science Education is aimed at students and novice researchers.


Prof. Emmanuel O. Adu is an inaugurated professor in the School of General and Continuing Education and acting deputy dean of research and internationalization of the Faculty of Education at the University of Fort Hare, South Africa. He has taught for over 21 years at universities in Nigeria, Botswana and South Africa, and has over 200 publications to his credit.


Prof. Chinedu I. Okeke is a professional teacher trainer and an academic researcher, and is currently head of the School of Education Studies at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.