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There is no fixed recipe for becoming a “good teacher”. Trial and error are often the only way to find out what works best in a particular context. This is a daunting prospect for student and novice teachers. Help, I’m a student teacher offers guidance and support to student and novice teachers in their quest to make a difference in the classroom, especially in South Africa’s complex school environment.

Help, I’m a student teacher focuses on practical applications that will assist student teachers to develop those skills that are essential for effective teaching. Assignments, activities and exercises test knowledge and abilities in the actual school environment, while hints and tips promote successful implementation.

Help, I’m a student teacher is aimed at student teachers, as well as novice teachers in all phases. It is also an essential resource for mentors who lead and guide student and novice teachers.

Contents include the following:

· Value-driven schools

· The student teacher and the teaching context

· Development of facilitation skills

· Development of the critical thinker

· Effective implementation of educational media

· Integrating information and communication technologies in your teaching

· School administration management system

· Classroom assessment

· Planning your lesson

· Discipline in the classroom and beyond

· The student educator and the law