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Power of the Co-operative Economy provides a solid base for analysing transformation dimensions that fulfil the outcome of a competitive, cooperative economy.

It applies an innovative framework to identify value creation dimensions at both the policy and practice levels that can significantly determine the cooperative economy’s competitiveness. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the strategic factors within these dimensions that constrain competitiveness and proposes alternative strategies to address these constraining factors. 

The book discusses the best practice for cooperative governance and organizational management. It provides new generation cooperative business models to break the limitations of the conventional model. Furthermore, it offers the process of designing a cooperative structure, strategy, and conflict management to build a commercial character of the cooperative economy. The book highlights market barriers as critical constraints to competitiveness and introduces the concept of value chain management and integration as strategies for breaking these barriers. It presents the concept of assets and collective ownership as the bedrock of cooperative value creation.

Finally, the book recommends that paradigm adaptations in strategy development and adopting a life cycle approach to development can allow for the evolution of a competitive, cooperative economy.