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About this publication

Research Matters is an introductory research title aimed at undergraduate students. In an accessible and comprehensive manner, it explains research in its entirety to the novice researcher. The book aims at equipping the inexperienced researcher with the necessary skills and confidence to tackle the research process.

The chapters provide a theoretical underpinning and an overview of the three most common research paradigms and how these paradigms impact on the way in which researchers conduct their research. Qualitative and quantitative methods are covered in detail, as are the practicalities of referencing, proposal and report writing, and determining the limitations of research. The important topic of ethics in research is also included.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Research Paradigms

Chapter 3: Theory Matters

Chapter 4: From Topic to Research Question

Chapter 5: Aims of Research

Chapter 6: Hypotheses

Chapter 7: Research Rationale

Chapter 8: Literature Review

Chapter 9: Conceptualisation

Chapter 10: Constructing an Argument

Chapter 11: Sampling

Chapter 12: Quantitative Data Collection Methods

Chapter 13: Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Chapter 14: Action Research

Chapter 15: Qualitative Data Analysis

Chapter 16: Quantitative Data Analysis

Chapter 17: Validity and Reliability

Chapter 18: Ethics in Research

Chapter 19: Limitations

Chapter 20: Research Proposal

Chapter 21: Research Report

Chapter 22: Referencing